Friday, October 17, 2008

Don't leave me!!

My human gave me a pep talk last night. It went something like this... " We're leaving you with strangers. Blah blah blah. Again. Blah Blah. There will be other wieners there for you to play with. Blah Blah. Don't be afraid. Blah. We will be gone a long time. Blah blah blah. "
They must be going a long way cuz normally they would just pack me up and take me with them. I am going to try very hard to be calm but I really don't want them to go.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Home. Safe and sound.

After waiting a long time at the Calgary airport for my human to catch up to me and the big guy we flew back to Houston and picked up Kacy. Boy, was I happy to see her.
We couldn't stay at our house for a few days because the lights were out and it was pretty hot inside. But we are finally settled back in and I have been running around like crazy and playing with all of the toys.