Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Summer snaps...

 Sweet home, Alberta

 One of my record attempts for Longest Vent Sniff by a Weenie

 After 2200 miles you figure out how to nap in tight spaces

 Kacy had a favourite pillow at the lake

PROOF that Kain was in very close proximity to Kacy on a regular basis

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Record Holding Wieners

A few people have asked about how many miles I've put on but it is very hard to add up. 
It is 2200 miles one way from Houston to Calgary.  So 2 driving road trips plus at least 8 flying trips makes me the most travellingest weenie.  And add all the driving around in Alberta to visit all my fans gives me the bragging rights.  And I only almost died once.  But that was a real close call and my momma may laugh a little bit but I know she's really just happy that I am a tough little wiener.

This road trip I also tried for the longest vent sniff by a weenie.  As soon as we crossed the New Mexico/Colorado border I sniffed for 5 straight miles.

Maybe I should try for the highest altitude by a weenie.  My current record is Logan Pass at 6646 ft or 2026 m.

Also a big shoutout to La Quinta motels for allowing dogs to stay in their rooms for free.  They should get some kind of special award for that. Or change their name to La Canines Welcome.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Another summer trip to Canada over...

....and done.

We put on a lot of miles.  6000+++.  Marked some pretty cool things.  Sniffed some pretty good sniffs.  Lucky for me, my human and the Big Guy had a couple pillows in the SS so I rode all those miles in style.

Buck Lake was great, as usual.  We spent extra time out there this year.  Lots of work to do.  I had to keep Kacy close to home because she doesn't know the routine out there.  And she definitely doesn't know the boundaries.

We visited with family and friends but I am happy to be home in Houston.