Monday, November 30, 2009

I give thanks...

... to my human for treating me real good these last couple weeks. I mean really, how much better can a weenie's life get. Forced to stay on the couch with her, under blankets. Put into bed with her every morning for long naps. Taken along on all the trips in the SS. But I really can't wait to run around like a wild monkey.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I'd really like to be a...

...super weenie but my human is being very strict. The first couple days back at home I was feeling weak and couldn't really use my back legs. It made going to the bathroom a little embarassing but now I feel like I could get back to doing some wind sprints. I've tried making a run for it but one of them is always there to stop me and put me back into the kennel.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Take care of your wiener.

Like many wieners I have to be very careful with my loooong back. You know that I use ramps instead of stairs and I've had to take some pills to help with pain. My neck started hurting this weekend so this time my human wanted to figure out exactly what was bothering me.

I went to see a special wiener doctor at Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists. I got a needle that put me to sleep so they could take some high tech pictures of me from nose to tail. The doctor figured out what she needed to do and then I got another needle and went back to sleep.

While I was out the doctor made a long incision down my back and fixed some discs. She stapled everything up with 23 staples. When I woke up I was very wobbly and I couldn't really feel much of anything. I stayed with the doctor and all of the awesome wiener nurses for 2 more nights. They treated me really good. I think they might love wieners a lot.

I was really happy when I saw my human and the big guy at the hospital. I'm back home now and feeling pretty good though I can't stand up for very long and I am on strict cage rest for a long time.
(*apparently I am feeling pretty good due to the little blue sticker you see on my back. It's got drugs on it)