Wednesday, February 29, 2012

More Kacy problems...

...poor Big Butt went to see the doctor yesterday and she came home with stitches on her knee and stitches on her elbow and some stitches on her ear.  She was all loopy and walking funny.
My momma said she should stay in her kennel for a little while so that she can recuperate without hurting herself. 
Kain went and sniffed her up and down as soon as she came home but I think I'll keep my distance until that smell wears off.  It makes me nervous.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Something amazing happened to me...

... I think I might actually like strangers who are quiet and ignore me until I am ready to be their friend.

My momma and the Big Guy put me on the leash and I thought I was going for a walk but instead some strange lady took the leash from my momma.  And then they left!!! No goodbye. Nothin'.  But because I was on the leash I knew what the rules were and I knew that I had to listen. 

So after a few hours of being on high alert I figured out the lady was going to be okay so I tried out her lap for a short nap. 

Then that night I slept in bed with her but on the pillow beside her head.  Just in case I had to abort and get under the bed quick.

But then the next day went so well that when it was time to go to bed I forgot all about being nervous and even slept under the covers right next to her.  She didn't seem to mind.

Kain and Kacy thought it was great going for walks all the time.  And it was so easy sticking to the schedule that we know so well.

Don't get me wrong....I was extremely happy to see my momma and the Big Guy when they finally decided to come home.  But I do hope they invite that lady back for another sleepover.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

A sad, sad day for dogs.

My family, the best dog loving family in the world, had to say goodbye to Sheba yesterday.  Sheba was actually Sheba II and she was such a good dog that her humans can't ever remember taking her to the doctor for anything other than her shots.  Sheba always listened to her humans.  She always knew which one to go to for treats or for fun or for love.  Sheba loved to go for car rides but really hated the wipers.  When Maggie came to live with the family she soon found out what everyone (even me) already knew...Sheba was the Queen.

My human was very sad and cried because everytime she went back home for the past 15 years Sheba was always happy to see her.

RIP Sheba Carlson.