Tuesday, October 25, 2011

After Kacy's near death experience...

...we stopped going for regular walks so my momma could keep an eye on her. But now Kacy is taking pills that make her all hopped up and intense like she's had too much coffee and just wants to eat all the time.  I won't even mention all of the accidents because she is drinking like a fish. 

So we are back on our regular walk schedule to help Kacy burn off all that energy.  As soon as my momma comes home from the park in the morning, when it's still dark and hardly anyone on the street, we head out on our usual route.

I only speak of this again because this morning we were walking like a well-oiled pack.  Me, in the middle and slightly ahead (you know what that means), flanked on the right by the Big Butt and on the left by Killer Kain.  Walking tall (keep the short jokes to yourself) and proud.

I love my pack.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

What is this weenie world...

...coming to? when MY momma takes Kacy to the park with her and leaves me and Kain home alone.  I don't understand.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Another sad day for dogs and the people that love them...

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R.I.P. Kasha Pritchard

Kasha was a very nice, little old lady that I met a few years ago.  We would go to her house sometimes and I always thought it was pretty cool of her to let me hang around.  The Big Guy has known her since she was a little girl and he says that her humans, Judy and David, are going to be very sad today and for many days to come.  I hope they know that Yorkies are just like Weenies - We love our humans as much as they love us.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I have to ask myself...

...would I eat a bar of soap?

Heck NO. 

I only bring this up because Kacy went into the shower and ate a bar of soap.  And then she wasn't looking so good.  And she kept everyone up all night.  And in the morning there was stuff on the grass that smelled like soap.  But she's okay now.  Girls are dumb.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

It's been a good morning...

...for naps.  Momma told me at breakfast that we would be getting our nap on as soon as she got cleaned up from rolling around in the park without us.
So while that business was being taken care of I used my time efficiently for wind sprints and biting Kain and Kacy right on the bums.
Then my momma gave me the "load up" manuever and we got to napping.  It was warm and dark and quiet. Perfection.
I am now going to work my magic for afternoon nap time.