Monday, August 17, 2009

My pack is...


Kacy is back home. We went and picked her up yesterday. She smelled like farm so she got the spa treatment when we got to the house. And this morning I was in heaven because I got back into licking the Greenie goo off her lips.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

How many lives does a dog get?

I may be on borrowed time considering all the near misses in my almost 4 years.

One night at the lake we were hanging out by the fire, listening to the mosquitoes buzzing when my human lights this thing on fire. It fizzed for a few seconds so I thought it would just go out but instead, out of freakin' nowhere, it got really bright and made a loud bang. I almost died.

My human and the big guy convinced me to come back from the safety of the shed next door.

And then it happened again. Louder bangs and brighter lights. Seriously. I almost died.

Back from the Great White...

...North. It's not white.

My human loaded me up into my kennel again and I got squished under a seat for 4 hours. But when she let me out...What a surprise!!! We were back in the homeland, visiting people, picking up my big bro Kain and heading out to Buck Lake.

We spent days and days out there. Running through the grass. Sniffing out all the sniffs. Barking at all the people who dared to walk within 200 yards (I mean meters, those US imperialists tend to rub off on a wiener) of my place. Going for drives. Napping in the sun. Playing with tennis balls!!!

I met another human who looked and sounded a lot like my human. I could tell he really liked me but I wasn't going anywhere near him. Maybe next time. You gotta be patient with me, people.

Speaking of patient...we stayed at this house a couple nights where the people were very patient with me so I let them pet me without the usual 6 month waiting period. They had a dog with a squished up nose. She kept getting in my way. I think I'll make her wait 6 months.

And then...
...THE BIG GUY SHOWED UP! oooh doggy! was I excited!

We spent so much time at Buck Lake that I was beginning to think we were staying out there for good. But we had to say good-bye to Kain (yup, it was sad) and I got squished under a seat for another 4 hours.