Sunday, January 18, 2009

I have the best...

...human. Last night she let me sleep in the basket instead of the kennel. And then in the middle of the night she scooped me out of the basket and put me into the bed. Now any wiener knows not to mess with a good thing so I just curled up and shut up. Keeping my toes crossed for tonight ;)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Not so sure jogging... the thing for me. I prefer the wind sprints and the superdogging. I'll keep trying though because I like hanging with the human.

Apparently action shots are hard to get while in action so I posed on the trail.

Oh and something happened while we were out. Big Guy? You may not want to hear this. But as we all know Kacy is the "counter surfer" and I have been branded as the "shredder". However, there was undeniable proof on the floor of her shredding abilities. I think an apology is in order.


I'd howl if I could because my human just told me that she was going to take me with her on her run this morning. I got a little upset yesterday when she took Kacy and left me home alone...wondering...waiting...pacing...