Friday, January 1, 2010

2010 Year of the Wiener

A new year is also an anniversary for me. Four years with my human has included many kilometres/miles of travel. One road trip put me on the brink of death. Squished under airplane seats for hours on end with no complaints because the destinations are always fun and include my family on both sides of the border. I'm home if I am with my human.

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Anonymous said...

Your visit to my home in Calgary was very remarkable for me. I enjoyed your company even though you were so shy. our visit reminded me of our orignal Canadianwiener "Sparky". Sparky was equally filled with an indelible personality, irascible and lovingly entertaining.

It was very good to see your human as i now see her not as often as i would want.

Enjoy 2010
"chicks dig scars" :-]