Monday, March 15, 2010

Pros and cons of back surgery...

Pro - sleep in bed with humans
Con - put in kennel when they are out for the day and unable to assist Kacy in her quest for food

Pro - carried up and down stairs
Con - can't fit through gate and stair railings when I really have to go

Pro - back is good enough to be a "Super Weenie" again
Con - no one lets me "leapers" anymore

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Agnes B Bullock said...

Thai had back surgery four years ago, long before he came to live here. He sleeps with us, and we carry His Majesty up and down stairs and up and down on furniture. Think of it as being elevated to the ranks of Royalty, to which you clearly belong. Ginger, also long before she came to live with us, had two back episodes requiring crate rest and meds- today she is also fine and one would never know her back was an issue. She has stairs to get into the big bed and unfortunately for my peace of mind, does jumpies on and off the couch. So we supplement with glucosamine and chondroitin tablets, and treat made to assist dogs with arthritis (Thai has arthritis in his rear hips, and these treats have helped- also, he won't touch the glucosamine tablets at all, while Ginger thinks they are dachsie candy) Chip thankfully, will not have back problems according to our vet- he is too athletic. If the vet is wrong, he has the surgery and we will help him heal. All three allow us to share their big bed, by the way.