Monday, May 10, 2010

We went out visiting this weekend and I...

... think I did pretty good considering they were all strangers.  But there was another wiener dog there.  And she had looooong hair.  And she was jumping all over me.  I know I'm pretty irresistible but you gotta give a dog some room, women!  They put me in the pen with her a couple times and she jumped on my back and started rubbing me.  It felt a little wierd.

My human let me off the leash after a while and I got to sniff out the big back yard.  I had to tell the big dog next door to back off.   Then on the way home I was really tired.  And I was tired the next day as well.  In fact, I'm still a little tired today.

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Wyatt said...

Sometimes even though it feels wierd... you just gotta go with it!!!