Friday, June 4, 2010

Another sad day for cats... human told me that the lady I've met a few times who is so much like my human loved a cat named Molly.  My human said she always tried to convince the lady to call the cat Stinky but Molly it was.  The lady had Molly for years and years and Molly was a good cat to the lady.  Kinda like my human is the only one for me, the lady was the only one for Molly.
Molly had some leg troubles and had to go see the cat doctor and cat nurses and they all thought she was fixed but she wasn't. 
Last week Molly died and the lady is really, really sad.  I hope she knows that all of us dogs and cats love our humans.  Forever.

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Shauna Lee said...

Thanks Earl! Please let your human know that I love her too...forever!<3