Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Summer vacation at Buck Lake

It was another great month in Canada.  We finally picked up my big brother Kain and headed out to the lake.  It was super fun getting to sniff everything out and run around like a wild little monkey.  There were a few nights that it stormed so hard I thought we were going to be struck by lightning.  I stuck pretty close to my human in the event that we had to leave.  In the morning the ditches were full of water.  That has never happened in all my time at Buck Lake.  Makes it hard for a lowrider to get around when it's that wet.
We did all the usual things...
hanging out at the big river

Kain eating one of his favourite treats
Kain being forced to share one of his favourite treats
Me eating one of my favourite treats - cereal with a little bit of yogurt and blueberries
I got a lot of time to rest in the sunshine
after some good play time with Kain
(he was a lot nicer to me this year, my human says it's because he takes different medicine, I wonder if it's like that stuff I took when I had back surgery)

We stayed with some great friends in Calgary - but that crazy little dog booby Ruby wasn't there.  Too bad because we had SOME REAL GOOD FUN chewing up all of her awesome toys.  Kain was excellent at getting them out of the corner and I was excellent at ripping and tearing.  They had little versions of my favourite yellow fuzzy balls.  The humans in that house were really good to us.  Kain got scratched and rubbed a lot and we both got special treats left on our pillows before bed.  I hope we visit that place again real soon.

It was sad to leave Calgary, my human was really upset about leaving Kain behind again.  But she knows that his human really loves him too.
We finally got back to Houston and Kacy came back home a few days later.  She told me she had fun at Grandma's farm.  

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