Thursday, October 21, 2010

It's been almost a year since... big weenie back operation.  I barely remember it.  My human and The Big Guy always remember it though and they remind me that even though I can superdog I do not have a super back.  And guess what?
The Big Butt is on crate rest right now because she is having back problems.  Kacy started limping around awhile back and she had to go see her doctor and get some x-rays taken of her back.  She's got some ol' girl stuff going on and because it was bothering her so much her doctor said "In your kennel".  Kacy's been such a good girl for so many years that her kennel has been folded up in the garage.  I didn't know they made kennels that big.  I bet I could escape from it pretty easy.
She is on some of that crazy medication that I have had to take for my back and she said she feels a lot better but my humans aren't taking any chances.   Apparently it's easier to carry an 11lb weenie than a 76lb boxer up and down the stairs.

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