Monday, June 27, 2011

Kain and I went to the doctor's office today...

...and my human was talking to another human with....wait for it....a wiener, of course.  There was another old, hairy wiener sitting quietly across the room too.  Plus some other dogs.  In fact, it was a pretty busy place.  I was pretty calm.  Kain on the other hand was close to red lining it.  He would have gladly gone in the front door and straight out the back door. 

I got checked out first because I'm the easiest to get on the table.  After the usual and unnecessary embarassment of the you know what in the you know where I got FOUR needles, a bright light in the eyeballs, a huge tube in my ears and a finger down my throat.  But apparently what I hear every day is true, I'm a good little wiener.

Then it was Kain's turn.  Man, he really doesn't like the table, especially the slippery kind with no mat on it.  He would have pooped himself if he hadn't alreay gone 3 times this morning.  It took three people just to keep him steady so he could experience the usual suspects of dog torture.  And same for him, he's still a good ol' boy. Never meaning no harm.

This all in preparation for a road trip we are going on.  I'm the only one my human and the Big Guy have told.  You know how the big dogs get when you start talking about going for a ride.

I hope I don't almost die this time.

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