Tuesday, October 25, 2011

After Kacy's near death experience...

...we stopped going for regular walks so my momma could keep an eye on her. But now Kacy is taking pills that make her all hopped up and intense like she's had too much coffee and just wants to eat all the time.  I won't even mention all of the accidents because she is drinking like a fish. 

So we are back on our regular walk schedule to help Kacy burn off all that energy.  As soon as my momma comes home from the park in the morning, when it's still dark and hardly anyone on the street, we head out on our usual route.

I only speak of this again because this morning we were walking like a well-oiled pack.  Me, in the middle and slightly ahead (you know what that means), flanked on the right by the Big Butt and on the left by Killer Kain.  Walking tall (keep the short jokes to yourself) and proud.

I love my pack.

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Wyatt said...

Well oiled by that fishy smelling food you have been eating! At least now you know what it might be like to be on drugs, don't know that it will help the "chicken" though!!!