Thursday, October 22, 2009

Flood warning... Houston.

4 inches by noon!!! I could drown. Good thing I know how to swim. I'll just make sure to stay away from the ditches of swift-moving water. Better yet, I just won't go outside.


Wyatt said...

4x4 rule is in effect due to high water! Find the shallow spots for your business and that does not include anything inside the house, i.e. carpet!!!

Buddythedoxie said...

wow 4 in thats alot of rain now for me I would be swimming as my legs are onlt 2 1/2 nong.. lol
Yep stay inside that would be my gess under a warm blanket with my humond,hope the sun comes out soon... Buddyhtedoxie

Buddythedoxie said...

hay "WYATT" unlock your blog so we can be a friend Buddythedoxie