Thursday, December 9, 2010

It's a little chilly this morning... I weaseled my way into sharing Kain's bed.  He must be tired or maybe he is finally giving in to my sweet ways.
My human and the Big Guy have been extra strict with all us to help Kain get into the "routine".  We go for our early morning walk, usually with the Big Guy, then we go upstairs to the kitchen where Kain and Kacy get all of their medicine.  We all know to sit in a line near the pantry and wait for our special treats that our human bakes for us. 
Then it's back downstairs where we sit patiently and wait for our breakfast.  Kacy drools and I find it hard to sit still but Kain just sits.  I think he saves his energy for the eating frenzy.  He wins every time.
We have nice long naps all day long until dinner time then we have to sit and wait again.  You would think that we would get used to waiting but all we can think about is FOOD.
Shortly after, when I hear the garage door opening, we all freak out because it means the Big Guy has come home.  I bark and bark and bark and Kacy howls and Kain WOOOOOFs.
We really like it when everyone is home because then we can play and get extra attention until it's time for our nighttime walk.  We all head out and walk our usual route.  There's always good stuff to sniff. My human says it's because there are a lot of other hairy beasts that live in our neighborhood.  Sometimes we see other hairy things slinking and scurrying around but we usually get yanked away.
Back at home while my human and the Big Guy are getting ready for bed I like to do windsprints up and down the hall.  Kain likes to run around with a toy in his mouth. And Kacy likes to avoid me while scoping out her first place of rest.
Then it really is time for bed and when someone crouches down and gives me the signal I bolt over and get lifted into the big bed where I have been sleeping for a long time now.  It's really awesome. Except for when I groan and get laughed at. 
Apparently Kain and Kacy have figured out that it is perfectly acceptable to share the same couch.  My human seems really happy about that.

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