Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Reminds me of the big parks back home in Calgary

We woke up, had some breakfast and then hit the road.  We all went to a big park on the edge of town.  There was a special fenced area for dogs but you know what my human thinks of that.  Instead we stopped at a great spot down the road with a huge lake and miles and miles and miles of places to run and sniff.  And there was no one else there.  My human and The Big Guy kept a close eye on me.  They said because there was no fence you just never know what could jump out of the bushes and take a wiener away.  I said "AS IF.  I'm a wiener.  Let 'em try."  Then we came around a corner and there was a huge pond perfect for swimming wieners and wading black labs and tiptoeing boxers.  We all got wet chasing the tennis balls. It's a good thing we have a water dog living with us now because he can go out and get those balls that we don't want to.  But the best part of the adventure was that we didn't have to get bathed when we got home.

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