Thursday, January 20, 2011


Big sigh! after a BIG kerfuffle last night at the door when my human and The Big Guy came home.  We always get so excited, barking and howling and jumping up and down and all of a sudden Kain didn't like Kacy being in his personal space so he snapped and then she really snapped.  All of a sudden she was on his back and chomping on his neck and there was a lot of growling and snarling and I just bolted.  But she is such a sweet girl that as soon as everything calmed down Kacy went over and wanted to give Kain a makeup kiss.   Maybe he'll learn not to mess with big girls!  I'm happy to say that this morning all is quiet on the southeastern Texas front.

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Wyatt said...

Just goes to show that you should never mess with a Big Bitch, especially if you can not run faster than her!