Wednesday, March 30, 2011

We don't often chat with other dogs...

...during our morning walks. But this morning my human made a bee-line for the guy that walks the other wiener in the hood.  Except this morning he was walking 2 wieners.  We all had met the 2nd wiener before but she didn't.  So we had to stop and blah blah blah blah blah.  I just sat down and waited why those 2 wieners got a lot of attention.  The new wiener was barking right in Kacy's and Kain's face and they let him.  I suppose I should be jealous but technically all of us wieners are related somehow.  Give a weenie a break, right?
The man said the new wiener wasn't treated very nice before he got him.  Little weenie has some scars on his chest and back.   But let me tell ya, he sure is a shiny little wiener.  And the other wiener girl has allergies so she was happy just to get scratched.

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Wyatt said...

And you acted like you wanted nothing to do with them. Just because you are afraid of strangers... CHICKEN!