Monday, March 19, 2012

Our regular Sunday morning drive...

...turned into an awfully long test of my social skills. 
We went and got the green milk and then the DEElicious sausage (NOT a wiener) wrapped in a bun with some cheese.  And we started driving like usual but this time when we got out of the car I got put on the leash and we stood around and watched some humans running by. 
Then after a few hours we walked across a field and all I heard was "ahhh, look at the wiener"  "isn't he cute".  They don't know that I only want to hear that from humans I know.
Some short humans kept petting me but one little girl just wiped sand on my head.  I don't know where she learned how to pet a wiener but I think she needs more lessons.

I was really tired when we finally got home and I am still a little tired this morning. 
Me and Kain are holding down the fort because Kacy went to see the doctor again.  Who knew an ear could get so fat?

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