Friday, March 23, 2012

WARNING!! If you are at all queasy about dogs and wounds don't scroll down

Kacy finally came home yesterday wearing a cone and a few extra stitches as well as a gaping hole in her ear.  Here she is the first time her ear started to swell up.
This was at less than half the size it eventually swelled up to.  Not once but twice.  Yes, that's right 2 surgeries for the same ear.  She is an ear-flappin' kinda girl.
This is what she and it look like now - remember I warned you.
The Big Guy has to clean it every night because my momma isn't nearly as brave as he is. And Kacy still has to go back to the boxer doctor in a couple days to get that hole stapled shut.  Ouch.

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Wyatt said...

She will have a zipper on her ear like you had on your back!