Monday, December 21, 2009

I'm no Grinch!

It was a series of events that culminated into this situation...After many visits and a couple bike weekends I still had no intention of this happening. However, this weekend my human and the big guy invited a lot of people over to the house. I got put on the leash and attached to my momma for the entire day. Everyone was eating and drinking and laughing and walking around. I tried very hard to remain calm and quiet. A few times I just gave up and let a couple people within the usual off-limits area.

Then this guy showed up and I knew he seemed familiar but the lady wasn't with him. Later in the evening after a lot of people left I got let off the leash and did a few walk-bys just to test the waters. I will admit that the pets felt pretty good which is why I let him pick me up for a cuddle. Made me feel like laughing.
I just want to let the weenie-petting lady know that I'm sorry but it had to happen.

Kacy had a really long day as well. She made a point of greeting everyone at the door and visiting with all ofthem. Sharing some of the food. Showing how tough she can be. But in the end...

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Wyatt said...

Share the love Earl! Share the love!