Thursday, December 17, 2009

Texas Travels

We loaded up the SS and left Kacy behind for the weekend. I really wish she was smaller because she would help make these adventures much more manageable for me.

We drove for hours and hours and finally in the dark of night arrived at some strange place. I went into sniff overload. In the morning when I looked out there were those big dog things in the field just a few feet away. Some people came out to join us, new people and people I met before. That lady who pets really good was there and she was always picking me up and putting me in her lap. It's a little too early to let her know but I really do like that a lot.

They all went out for rides on their bikes and my human and I checked out the lay of the land. It was really pretty but those darn stickers hampered my new freedom. Don't worry my human was always there to keep me in check.

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