Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Upgraded to House Arrest...

...for the next month and then my momma can start taking me for walks. The wiener doctor was very happy with all of my motor skill and neurodogical responses at the checkup today. The doctor told me to take it easy but I just want to RUUUUN. I also want to play with Kacy and I want to jump on the big guy and I want to kill things.
What's on the absolutely not-to-do list: stairs and jumping.
My scar is looking pretty good but it's awfully chilly with my big bald strip.

1 comment:

Wyatt said...

You have been killin' stuff on the couch even when you were on kennel rest! There are torn up toys and the memory of the smells coming from you are killin' me right now just thinking about it.